OHC Timing Belt

Different types of OHC timing belt:

Timing Belt
OHC YH/ZH TYPE SYNCHRONOUS BELTS are specially designed and built to provide high load application for automotive vehicular engines. It has a longer life span and also minimizes noise.

OHC YH/ZH 圆形同步皮带特为汽车工具引擎提供高荷负应用。 它除了拥有一个更长的寿命外, 还能将引擎的噪音降至最低。

OHC ZA & ZB TYPE SYNCHRONOUS BELTS are designed and built to provide the positive, no-slip drive requirements needed on demanding overhead cam applications.

OHC ZA 及 ZB 型同步皮带是特别提供桥式凸轮运用所需的不滑驱动而设计和制造。

OHC SUPER TORQUE SYNCHRONOUS BELTS - STS one more extra option for OHC synchronous belt. Features special design of tooth and pulley profile assuring a perfect grip between teeth and pulley grooves.

OHC超级转矩同步皮带 - STS 是OHC同步皮带的多一种选择。
它的特色是齿与滑轮截面的特别设计, 以确保齿与滑轮找槽间的完美齿合。